Why was my bank card transaction declined?

If you tried to deposit funds via bank card and it was declined, please, check that: 

  • the card is in your name and you have entered card details correctly;
  • the 3D-Secure authentification has been activated, you have entered a correct 3D-Secure code and have not closed the page before authentification was completed;
  • there are no transaction (expense) limits on your card as well as there are no limits on the type of transaction (e.g. for online payments);
  • the amount you want to deposit/withdraw was within the limit for one card transaction (1500 US dollars);
  • there are enough funds in the account to carry out the transaction.

Please contact the bank that issued the card to verify the details of your bank card.

Do not attempt to deposit funds into your account more than twice in 10 minutes if the attempts are unsuccessful. This could result in your card being blocked in order to secure funds and prevent your bank account (e-wallet) from being hacked.

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