Belarus 252/USD tokenised bond

The Belarus 252/USD tokenised bond with a yield of 4.2% per annum is a tokenised version of the Belarus 252 state bond, denominated in a foreign currency (USD). More information on the bond can be found here.

This tokenised bond can be purchased in the "Exchange" section (mode). In addition, the Belarus 252/USD tokenised bond is a secured bond and we, for our part, will try to maintain demand for redemption of previously purchased tokens. However, as we are a market maker and depend on the circumstances of this market, we do not guarantee the redemption of all tokenised bonds by our company.

The price of a Belarus 252/USD tokenised bond is determined by the price of the underlying asset (a 252-issue government bond of the Republic of Belarus), taking into account the spreads set by the cryptoplatform and the ask and bid price of platform participants.

Payments of interest income on tokenised Belarusian government bond 252 are made semi-annually.

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