Why has my order been executed if the price I specified is not on the chart?

If you notice that the order (including Stop-loss) has been executed, but the price has not reached the level you specified, try the following steps:

- If you set a buy order - switch the chart to the Ask price type;

- If you set a sell order - switch the chart to the Bid price type.

How to switch the graph type in the web-version

You should press the button that shows the current chosen type of graph (Bid or Ask).


How to switch the graph type in the mobile app
After pressing on any market you should go to the changing graph type tab, pressing on the current graph type (bars icon).

mceclip8.png mceclip9.png

Please also note that the tokenised asset is quoted with two prices simultaneously, but the purchase is made at the Ask price and the sale at the Bid price.

The Currency.com cryptoplatform stores the history of each price separately and allows you to switch between them if necessary (e.g. for a more detailed analysis of prices at the time of execution).

If you have followed the instructions but are still unable to verify the execution price of your order, please contact us at support@currency.com.

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