Which cryptocurrencies can I deposit?

We are constantly working on expanding the list of available cryptocurrencies for depositing. Currently you can deposit:

Name Protocol/Standard*
BTC (Bitcoin) Bitcoin
ETH (Ethereum) Ethereum
LTC (Litecoin) Litecoin
BCH (Bitcoin Cash) Bitcoin Cash
XRP (Ripple) Ripple
BNB (Binance Coin) Binance Smart Chain
CAKE (PancakeSwap) BEP-20
USDT  (Tether) ERC-20
USDC  (USD Coin) ERC-20
COMP (Compound) ERC-20
UNI (Uniswap) ERC-20
LINK (ChainLink Token) ERC-20
DAI (Dai Stablecoin) ERC-20
SUSHI (SushiSwap) ERC-20
OMG (OMG Network) ERC-20
BAT (Basic Attention Token) ERC-20
ZRX (0x) ERC-20
KNC (Kyber Network) ERC-20
MATIC (Polygon) ERC-20
WBTC (Wrapped Bitcoin) ERC-20
AAVE (Aave) ERC-20
SNX (Synthetics) ERC-20
YFI (yearn.finance) ERC-20
REN (Ren) ERC-20
OCEAN (Ocean Protocol) ERC-20
REPV2 (Augur v2) ERC-20
BAND (Band Protocol) ERC-20
BNT (Bancor) ERC-20
ANT v2 (Aragon v2) ERC-20
SHIB (Shiba Inu) ERC-20
MANA (Decentraland) ERC-20
BAL (Balancer) ERC-20
CRV (Curve DAO) ERC-20
MKR (Maker) ERC-20
CHZ (Chiliz) ERC-20
RENBTC (renBTC Token) ERC-20
SRM (Serum Token) ERC-20
1INCH (1inch Network Token) ERC-20
GRT (The Graph Token) ERC-20
HOT (Holo Token) ERC-20
LRC (Loopring Token) ERC-20
ENJ (Enjin Coin) ERC-20


Some platforms (for example, Binance) may use their own specific blockchain protocol (Kucoin/TRC-20/BEP-20) for cryptocurrencies that is not supported by other platforms, and therefore deposits with such a blockchain type cannot be processed.

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