How long does it take for cryptocurrency deposit transaction to be processed?

Transaction processing time directly depends on the amount of cryptocurrency being sent, as well as the blockchain fee charged for processing the transaction. If the fee is set low, it may take some time for the transaction to reach your account.

In the service Explorer you can track the status of your transaction and the number of network confirmations already received. Bitcoin requires 1 confirmation; Ethereum - 12 confirmations; Litecoin - 4 confirmations; Bitcoin Cash - 6 confirmations; XRP - 1  confirmation; Tether(ERC-20)/Compound/ChainLink/Uniswap require 12 confirmations.

Processing of deposits using smart-contracts may take up to 14 days.

Please make sure that the amount you are sending meets the minimum limit

Also, before sending, please make sure that you are sending the cryptocurrency to the correct corresponding address, and that you have also provided the correct destination tag for depositing XRP (it is reflected in the "Deposit – Ripple" tab). We do not have the ability to undo the transaction, so careful checking of the address before making a transaction is essential.

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