What do the wallet indices mean?

1) "Funds": the financial result of all completed transactions as well as the amount of "Equity" excluding "P&L" on ongoing Leverage transactions minus "Reserved".

2) "P&L" reflects the amount of gains or losses on incomplete Leverage operations over time.

3) "Equity" = "Funds" + "P&L".

4) "Reserved" tokens are used as prepayment and loan security for Leverage operations, limit orders (limit and market orders, if the market is not available), as well as tokens (including currency) reserved for withdrawal. Thus, it can be said that this figure shows the number of tokens that cannot be used to send new orders or execute Leverage operations without taking action on current orders or Leverage transactions.

5) "Available" = "Equity" – "Reserved" = the number of tokens that are currently available for withdrawal.

Based on the information above, the following formula can be derived:

Equity = Available + Reserved = Funds + P&L.
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