How to connect my account to the TabTrader app?

In order to connect your account with the TabTrader app please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your account, go to the ‘Settings’ section, choose ‘API integrations’ and click on the ‘Generate new key’ button; 
  2. Make all the API Key settings you need (including setting API Key permissions which are ‘Read’ by default) and click on the ‘Generate key’ button; 
  3. You will be relocated on the window with QR-code and Secret Key displayed. Please note that this info is shown only once and should be safely backed up; 
  4. Go to the TabTrader app and choose the ‘Accounts’ section. Tap on the ‘+ Account’ button; 
  5. Next, you have 2 options for your account connection:
    - tapping on the ‘Scan QR to add’ button;
    - finding exchange in the list and tapping on the corresponding line; 
  6. In case you chose a scanning option (whether by tapping on the ‘Scan QR to add’ button or with the help of finding exchange name in the list presented and clicking on the ‘Scan’ icon) just allow TabTrader access to your camera and scan a QR-code presented on the screen;
  7. After a QR-code scanning, your API Key data will be automatically filled. All you need to do is to click on the ‘Save’ button in the upper right corner; 
  8. In case you did everything in the right way you will be able to see your account in the ‘Accounts’ section of the TabTrader app; 
  9. After scanning a corresponding QR-code or entering all the API and Secret Key information the general API info becomes available on the ‘API integrations’ page. 
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