What if my deposit is not reflected in the account?

  • for XRP deposit — please make sure that you've input the correct destination tag (Memo). If the destination tag is incorrect, you can contact us and provide us with all of the following:
    • screenshot from Currency.com's interface where the deposit address and destination tag are reflected
    • transaction's hash/txid
    • screenshot from the interface of the platform that you used to deposit funds that reflects transaction details
  • for other cryptocurrencies:
    • please make sure that the correct network/protocol was used to deposit funds. We can't recover transactions made in incorrect networks (e.g. in test networks) or in incorrect protocols (e.g. deposit of USDT via TRC-20). The list of supported networks can be found here
    • check if the cryptowallet in Currency.com's interface matches the cryptowallet that you've sent your funds to. Unfortunately, some malware can change the cryptowallet address when you paste it, due to which the funds can be sent to a third party. If this is the case, we won't be able to assist you in any way
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