What are tokenised assets?

Tokenised assets are tokens which value matches the value of a particular asset (security, precious metal or other underlying assets). In terms of economic outcome for investors - profit or loss - they are similar to stocks, bonds, commodities, derivatives, futures and other financial instruments.

Our tokens are based on the ERC-20 standard. Currently, you can trade over 2,000 tokenised exchange-traded assets, including tokenised shares of various companies (Facebook, Google), commodities (oil, gold) and indices (DAX, FTSE). More information about the available tokenised assets can be found here

When you purchase tokenised stocks, you do not receive a real share. For example, AAPL.CX is a tokenised, exchange-traded asset that reflects the status of Apple shares on the Nasdaq exchange. Investors can buy an AAPL.CX token and trade it just like Apple share. And even receive a dividend adjustment.

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