What is the difference between "Exchange" and "Leverage" modes?

Currency.com cryptoplatform has 2 trading modes: "Leverage" and "Exchange". You can switch between them on the top part of the screen for the web version or on the bottom part of the screen for the mobile app. 

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In the "Exchange" mode you can buy and sell tokenised assets. You can only sell tokens if you currently have a relevant tokenised asset/cryptocurrency on your account's balance.

Trading with "Leverage" mode allows you to increase the possible trade volume. For example, Leverage 1:10 (x10) means:
using 1000 USD.cx as a prepayment you can open a leverage operation with a volume of up to 10 000 USD.cx

Please note that the Leverage size doesn't influence the resulting P&L — it only increases the maximum volume of the trade that you can open, and the funding fee value. To find out more about this mode you can visit our Academy.

Name "Leverage" mode "Exchange" mode

"Wallets" tab

You can use the following tokens to open leverage operations:
BTC, ETH, USDT, USD.cx, EUR.cx, GBP.cx, RUB.cx, BYN.cx.

In the mobile app, this tab is available in "Portfolio".

In order to purchase/sell tokens, you must have a relevant token on your account's balance. For example, when using the market USD/EUR you can Buy with EUR.cx, or Sell with USD.cx.

The required token is indicated in the market's description (the  icon on the top right side of the web version, or the bottom part of the market's page in the mobile app).

"Portfolio" tab

In the web version, this tab shows active leverage trades and limit/stop orders in both modes. 

In the mobile app, this tab shows information about both modes (including "Wallets").

In the web version, you can see limit/stop orders for the "Exchange" mode, but not the balance of purchased tokens. 

In the mobile app, this tab shows information about both modes (including "Wallets").

Price alerts

Alerts can be placed in the mobile app.

Active alerts are shown in the "Portfolio" > "Alerts" tab of the mobile app (you might need to scroll the top part of "Portfolio" to the right).

You can't place price alerts in the "Exchange" mode.

Stop-loss / Take-profit

You can add a stop-loss and/or take-profit in active leverage operations.

You can't place a stop-loss or take-profit. However, you can place a limit or stop order.


Funds that are used for active leverage operations can't be withdrawn.

You can withdraw tokens purchased in this mode.


Close-out can happen if you don't have enough funds to keep your leverage operations active, due to delisting or due to corporate actions (e.g. split of the base asset).

Close-out (forced sale of tokens) can only happen due to a token's delisting or due to corporate actions (e.g. split of the base asset).

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