How to place a limit order?

To place a limit order, you need to:

- log into your account;

- select the desired mode ("Exchange" or "Leverage");

- select the tokenised asset for which you want to place a limit order;

- press the "Buy" or "Sell" button depending on your needs;

- click on "Buy (Sell) when price is" in the order window that appears;

- enter the price that is better for you than the current price (for Long operation - lower than the current price, for Short operation – higher than the current price);

- click the "Place Limit Order" button.

A limit order guarantees the price at which it will be executed but does not guarantee its execution itself. In the event of a price gap, the order will be executed strictly according to the specified price in the "Exchange" mode, while in the "Leverage" mode the order will be executed at the last available price, but partial execution may take place.

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